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16. Synapptix Software Logo
Business Logo Design: Synapptix Software Logo
This company deals with programming solutions. That is why we turned to parallels with the perforation cards on the logo. The graphic symbol is to imitate letter X.
17. Spin Global Logo
Business Logo Design: Spin Global Logo
In a sense the same, what we did for E-Supercenter. The difference is in the meaning of the core word -- spin. Here you can see a motion imitation on the logo. The point over the "i" forms the center of the composition.
18. One 2 Translate Logo
Business Logo Design: One 2 Translate Logo
The logo was based on the figure 2 in the name of the company and the fact that the company business is translation from one language to another. That is why illustrative approach was chosen. The figure as if self-transfers into another dimension and shape.
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