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4. Landmark Valet Logo
Business Logo Design: Landmark Valet Logo
The logo was made for Landmark Valet. They wanted a text logo with an image being a lighthouse. We met the client's requirements creating this attractive memorable logo.
5. Digi-Zed Logo
Business Logo Design: Digi-Zed Logo
Digi-zed is a service product that offers digital business cards to different target markets. A numerological profile of the name is the keyword of message/messenger.
Our designers successfully implemented the client's idea to aggregate all 3 ancient symbols, appropriate for this keyword, in the sign: the rune Ansuz, the symbol Yod and the I Ching symbol ch'ien.
6. Encomium Research Logo
Business Logo Design: Encomium Research Logo
This logo was made for Encomium Research from Oviedo, Florida. The business of Encomium Research is sound decisions in resource constrained environments, operations research, distant learning, decision theory, and training concepts.
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